News; The classification of premature ejaculation

Published: Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Of penile erectile did not enter the vagina ejaculation, diagnosis of premature ejaculation, and can enter vaginal sex, what is at the right moment, what is premature, and do not have an absolute standard, time limit of premature ejaculation is difficult to determine.
The medical profession to premature ejaculation is divided into two categories:
1, premature ejaculation, associated with sexual partners, namely the situation, when they change when a sexual partner will improve, shows that cause of interpersonal conflict to play the role of a maintain sexual dysfunction.
2, true premature ejaculation, means with different partners or during intercourse in different situation are twitch when less than 15 or less than 1 minute ejaculation, also calls the completeness, premature ejaculation, they tend to produce good response to drug treatment.
Because the woman did not reach orgasm, men have ejaculation penis soft shrinkage, the women with normal sexual function were not met, at least 50% of the normal sexual intercourse affect sexual pleasure, harmonious. Sex experts think the ability after insert lasts for 5 minutes, or happy happy couple both sides agreed on their sexual intercourse without delay ejaculation to be affected to the normal. But some reports said that 75% of men in the insert 2 minutes to 6 minutes or more in a short period of time when ejaculation ejaculation as normal. The penis insertion vagina, the women has yet to reach orgasm, while male sexual intercourse was shorter than 3 minutes, early ejaculation in sexual discord can be judged to be premature ejaculation.
Normal men occasionally appear this kind of phenomenon, not surprising, but premature ejaculation, often can't finish the whole process of sexual intercourse, is sick, in the sense of premature ejaculation can be diagnosed with medicine.

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