News; Why no refined disease makes men infertility

Published: Sunday 17 August, 2014

Why no refined disease cause of male infertility? This is the male friends are all very concern, in fact, the emergence of no refined disease for men harm sex is very big, because sperm quality and fertility directly has a very important link. For no refined disease patients, must be timely treatment, avoid the happening of infertility.
1, testicular pathological changes itself: such as testicular trauma, inflammation, torsion and testicles vascular lesions.
2, endocrine disease, pituitary function or low, pituitary tumor, adrenal function is low, hyperthyroidism or a low, all can affect sperm production and cause no sperm.
3, severe systemic disease and malnutrition: no sperm can cause disease.
4, congenital abnormal testicular: testicular dysplasia or abnormal testicular position can make sperm production.

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