News; Expert analysis six of the major causes of male infertility

Published: Sunday 17 August, 2014

According to the statistics of infertility clinic, nearly half of male reproductive disorders cause. Semen liquefaction, less sperm, sexual dysfunction and other diseases have a rising trend year by year. Investigate its reason, mainly include:
1, testicular abnormalities, such as cryptorchidism; Chromosomal abnormalities such as hermaphroditism.
2, mental stress. Speed up the pace of modern life, the competition is very fierce, the body's immune system to suffer injury, affect fertility.
3, environmental degradation, such as radiation, electromagnetic waves, noise, etc., especially the chemical pollution.
4, lifestyle, such as tight underwear, alcohol and tobacco, high temperature bath, nutrition, bias, etc.
5, drugs, and drug effects, or with such as other diseases such as diabetes.
6, genital infection such as bacteria, virus, parasite infection, can directly damage the testicles.

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