News; Direct indirect factors make male premature ejaculation

Published: Thursday 14 August, 2014

Premature ejaculation the vocabulary for a male friend must not strange, it refers to the male penis into her vagina soon after ejaculation, can not meet the quality of sex life, so give male friend brought a lot of problems, there are various causes of male premature ejaculation, male friends should know more about this aspect of the understanding, because for the treatment and prevention of help is very big, to introduce the following direct indirect factor to the male premature ejaculation, hope to provide necessary assistance to the male friends.
A, the direct factors causing male premature ejaculation:
Pieces after penile erectile expansion, lack of control the function of the sense of urgency, as long as the pressing strength increases ejaculation is unable to avoid.
Pieces don't adapt to the vagina penis strong sense of grip and the temperature of the vagina, writhing and groans of women and the excited mood and rapid heart beat cannot effectively control, leading to male premature ejaculation.
Pieces after erection, not adapt the ejaculation of urgency, once you have the sense of urgency is conditioned reflex ejaculation.
Second, the indirect factors causing male premature ejaculation:
Masturbation before marriage, for fear of being discovered and hurried ejaculation, the ejaculation habits are difficult to change once formed rule.
Pieces of the penis in the vagina lack of adaptability and closed.
In pieces sex life after marriage, too excited, nervous, short time of ejaculation, the last habit is a second nature to change.
Mixer sex ejaculation stimulate the threshold is too low, in the process of the penis cannot adapt to a vaginal grip and friction.
A lack of control and balance mixer intercourse ability.

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