News; Step 6 wake method conquer impotence premature ejaculation

Published: Thursday 14 August, 2014

Often heard six steps in the wake of diagnosis and treatment of clinical therapy can be effective in the treatment of male impotence premature ejaculation, so what are the treatment of the working principle and specific content performance? Today we're going to listen to the experts is how to introduce.
Sexual dysfunction, according to experts from the special detection, psychological treatment, electronic t2dm, magnetic resonance to consolidate, drug treatment and rehabilitation therapy treats dialectical, six aspects such as the six steps to conquer impotence premature ejaculation is to arouse the therapy for away from the main content and specific content in following several aspects:
One, special inspection, clear etiology: for the cause of premature ejaculation is complex, using high-tech cutting-edge equipment, for each project associated with sexual dysfunction special detection, accurately find out the causes of sexual dysfunction, corresponding treatment measures.
2, for the cause, therapy: a comprehensive understanding of the patient's disease process, find causes, positive psychological guidance, help patients to remove obstacles thought, increase recovery confidence.
Three, electronic t2dm, acupuncture treatment: apply cutting-edge sexual dysfunction in the diagnosis of therapeutic apparatus, through a special appliance making penis and the relevant acupuncture points on the human body, adjust the function of cerebral cortex, the sexual excitement spinal cord central activities, expand the penis arteriovenous vessels, activate the sponge motivation, enlargement of the corpora cavernosa overall treatment effect such as volume, is currently the non-drug treatment advanced equipment for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.
Four, vacuum suction, suction training: training through vacuum suction, suction, the excitement of spinal cord function center, help the penis erection, enhance the corpora cavernosa blood filling and reduce blood flow, improve the rigidity and maintain an erection time, increase muscle activity to the penis, improve the penile erectile function actively. At the same time, simulated the vagina temperature, liquid in the massage and electrical impulses, and other functions, effectively regulate the passive erectile function of penis.
Five, the combination of Chinese and western medicine, treats syndrome: endocrine problems, reproductive system inflammation, vascular dysfunction caused by insufficient blood supply and other treats syndrome, classification, diagnosis and treatment. Combination of Chinese and western, scientific formula, regulate qi and blood, dredge the meridians, eliminate inflammation, improve immunity, promote disease rehabilitation.
Six, rehabilitation check, prevent recurrence: rehabilitation is the key to ensure patients recovered step examination, by understanding the patient's sex lives, timely solve all kinds of psychological problems in sex, so as to consolidate and enhance patient confidence in the sex life. And according to different condition, the regular rehabilitation in patients with rehabilitation check, may eliminate recurrence.

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