News; How far from delay ejaculation ?

Published: Wednesday 13 August, 2014

Delay ejaculation is a special case of the ejaculatory dysfunction disease, the disease causes originally happy husband and wife burst, so men everyday to do well about the prevention of the disease, once diagnosed with delay ejaculation oneself, must insist on rational treatment, today we introduce is one of the first, male slightly experts to teach you how be removed from the concrete methods of delay ejaculation, are described below.
How to delay ejaculation treatment effect is good?
How far from delay ejaculation?
What are the specific way to prevent delay ejaculation?
Here, a little male sexual dysfunction, according to experts aren't as common as premature ejaculation ejaculation delay, but also can have such a part of patients in clinical, short delay ejaculation is men in sexual intercourse before ejaculation time is too long, this is called the delay or inhibitory reaction ejaculation ejaculation.
So what we should pay attention to during sex, at ordinary times to take preventive measures?
How far from delay ejaculation
One, to be well prepared before sex and rest time, to be energetic, sexual desire in the bedroom.
Someone put sex on Sunday morning, just to have good finishing time, before and after sex, more importantly, the highest concentration of adrenal hormones in the body, which can guarantee the ideal sexual initiative.
Second, the change of sexual intercourse posture, change the indoor environment, and can also help to shorten the time of entering the orgasm.
Such as after being penile erection, taking female on male sexual intercourse method, under the wife actively continued strong stimulation to the penis, when the husband is in full swing, then in the scrotum testis high, this will reach orgasm harmony.
Three, if young men appear orgasm ejaculation latency, should find any long-term masturbation habit or other organic diseases.
Such as long-term masturbation, normal sexual intercourse to reach orgasm stimulation threshold;
Sexual excitement, sex too frequently, leading to the central inhibition;
Penis wrapping is too long or phimosis, sensitive is not fully exposed, etc., all can lead to orgasm ejaculation latency.

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