News; What are the causes of not ejaculation

Published: Wednesday 13 August, 2014

Don't ejaculation is a physiological dysfunction, sexual intercourse without ejaculation is likely to lead to infertility, so what is the cause not ejaculation? Below we will introduce you to what are the reasons that cause not ejaculation, hope will be helpful to you.
The cause of not ejaculation basically has the following three aspects:
1, long-term masturbation, make the central need under the intense stimulation of masturbation ejaculation to be excited. And normal sexual life, vaginal stimulation to the penis strength can not meet the strength of the stimulation of the penis when masturbation, without ejaculation.
2, mental psychological factors. Think the ejaculation will damage the body, the subconscious don't want to ejaculation. Or because of housing conditions, interference, nervousness, sexual arousal is restrained.
3, the sexual stimulation is not enough, not enough sexual excitement. Sexual stimulation, including vision, hearing, touch and so on all is the necessary condition to induce sexual excitement. Sexual intercourse before flirting activities such as the lack of verbal communication and contact with skin, stimulate enough, sexual arousal is low, or the penis into the vagina after twitch friction frequency, amplitude and time is not enough, can't reach the level of excitement ejaculation central caused not ejaculation.
Don't ejaculation need comprehensive treatment, the first to eliminate negative factors such as anxiety, fear, and tension; Learning knowledge, the correct understanding of sexual intercourse is healthy.
The matching of the wife is the key to the treatment is not ejaculation, as a wife you should help her husband to eliminate sources of unfavorable factors, such as anxiety, fear, study sex knowledge, effective improve the husband of sexual desire, etc.
To sum up, according to the above key points, correctly treat not ejaculation, actively cooperate with treatment for a quick recovery.

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