News; Men don't use this 5 kinds of medicine Of childbearing age

Published: Monday 11 August, 2014

Men take drugs should pay attention to many problems, many drugs can have side effects, such as impact fertility and so on. So, what drugs can affect men's fertility? Affect the five men's fertility drugs:
The first category: drugs for external use only
Experts say many topical drugs, such as surfactant, organic metal compounds (benzene acetic acid and and a weak acid, such as mercury, is directly kill sperm. If often use this kind of external use drugs in the treatment of female genital tract diseases, such as the vagina suppositories, etc., also will inevitably affect fertility.
The second category: affect ejaculation drugs
Affect ejaculation drugs, such as management of hypertension gung b organism, a sulfur of oxazine drugs such as, can make the medication reduced the volume of ejaculation, even without ejaculation. Some drugs can inhibit the ejaculation reflex, delayed ejaculation, such as peace, chlorine imipramine.
Third class: drugs affect sperm maturation
Affect sperm maturation of drugs, such as antiandrogen compounds, methyl chlormadinone acetate, and the application of chlorinated glycerol drugs, though the impact of testicular sperm function, but these drugs have a direct role of testicular sperm, sperm not mature, so as to lose the ability of fertilization.
Class 4: directly inhibit sperm drugs
Directly inhibit sperm drugs, such as dichloro 2 second acyl amine, wine is a kind of pesticides, but it also has the effect of inhibiting sperm production; Other drugs, such as 2 nitro pyrrole, nitrofurans and cancer with alkylating agent and so on, have a strong inhibitory effect of testicular sperm production function.
Class 5: hormone drugs
Hormonal drugs, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone propionate, the application of drugs, can inhibit pituitary gonadal hormone secretion, thus may inhibit testicular sperm production function.
Accordingly, the expert reminds a male friend, if you are in the reproductive age, stage should pay attention to carefully choose the above drugs.
Male sterility of the five principles
1, genital and urinary tract infections caused by infertility with antibiotics anti-inflammatory treatment is given priority to, supplemented by drugs that increase sperm motility.
2, no sperm, sperm less disease and idiopathic infertility, should give priority to with sex hormone drugs for endocrine therapy.
3, low sperm vitality, in order to improve the sperm motility drug treatment.
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