News; What are the cause of primary don't ejaculation reasons

Published: Sunday 10 August, 2014

Primary not ejaculation is to point to when sexual life, can have no difficulty (in) erect penis and very solid, sexual intercourse can keep for a long time without weakening on the penis, only regret is unable to obtain sexual pleasure and ejaculation, while masturbating or by a woman by hand or mouth, such as the sexual stimulation can ejaculation, seminal emission phenomenon will occur at ordinary times.
Lead to male friends of primary not ejaculation is mainly due to ignorance or inhibition caused by general performance in patients with the following situations:
1. The male patients due to the lack of education, which leads to the ignorance. After marriage, both husband and wife don't know what sex is, should be how to do, so there will be some fear for sexual intercourse. Also some people may not know the penis in the vagina during intercourse frequency fast, in a large range of friction, don't even know sex ejaculation. This is a manifestation of primary don't ejaculate.
2. May also think the woman is afraid of pain during intercourse and limit the man twitched, frustrated man sex drive, or fear of pregnancy in men did not reach orgasm is interrupted sex. After a long time without ejaculation was created. This is a common phenomenon of primary without ejaculation.
3. The wrapping is too long, contradictions inside the vagina, penis head itching tough; Wrapping is embedded, pain, sexual intercourse be compelled helpless blockade; Serious mound inflammation that emerge atrophic changes, can't attend the ejaculation program effectively.

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