News; The symptoms of ejaculation without power

Published: Sunday 10 August, 2014

In clinic of ejaculation is ejaculation obstacles, ejaculation can reduce male sexual pleasure, leading to male sex apathy. Man in the room flesh reaches its peak and ejaculation without enough strength to sperm into the vagina of the female. So weak ejaculation what symptom is there?
1, weakness often show weak ejaculation ejaculation, semen powerful injection of feeling, not out of feeling, and some patients reflect only the feeling of overflow, even not shoot.
2, ejaculation, also known as part of ejaculation is not complete, it is characterized by normal and ejaculation abnormal discharge fine. Patients feel orgasm is reduced, and at the same time when ejaculation accompanied by rhythmic contraction of the disappeared, but in patients due to urinary tract obstruction of ejaculation, this kind of contract still exist.
The cause of ejaculation generally there are two broad categories:
1, the physiological factors of ejaculation.
2, pathological factors of ejaculation.
Warm prompt: the believe everyone understand the symptoms of ejaculation weakness? The harm of the ejaculation, and even cause infertility, male compatriots so don't be too lightly of ejaculation. If you have this disease, should go to hospital as soon as possible, the treatment of male to normal hospital do ejaculation, can better control the disease, avoid diffusion, male friends should also be powerless to prevent ejaculation, can be better to stay away from disease, maintain a harmonious home.

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