News; Sexual dreams too much may be due to the wrong position of sleep

Published: Thursday 28 January, 2016

The western legend "eating cheese before bed easy nightmares."However, according to the British "daily mail" reported on August 9, the journal dreaming, published a new study has found that compared with other position, lay sleeping more sexual dreams.New research director, Hong Kong shue yan university psychologist Dr Yu left and his colleagues of 670 male and female college students conducted a questionnaire about the dream.Topics covered include: frequency and a dream, that dream intensity, wake up the memory of the dream and the theme of the dream.The researchers also asked participants to write down side, prone and supine sleeping habits.It was found that used to sleeping on the participants in a dream with the stars "dating" has the highest frequency of sexual dreams.Dr. Yu said the new research shows that the content of the dream will be affected by the position.During sleep, the brain is not completely away from the outside world and the external environment of the stimuli into the possibility of dreams will greatly beyond people's imagination.Lie prone to sleep affects normal oxygen to the brain, brain begin to unconscious thought or imagination, risk sexual dreams.