News; what should pay attention if Ejaculatory dysfunction

Published: Monday 04 January, 2016

Men fear most is a disease, because now premature ejaculation, impotence, etc. These diseases are more and more, if slightly do not pay attention to our usual can be find on these diseases, so we have to learn to prevent, so prevention ejaculatory dysfunction which points should be paid more attention to, how do we male friends can avoid this problem?1, the sexual stimulation is not enough, not enough sexual excitement.Sexual stimulation, including vision, hearing, touch and so on all is the necessary condition to induce sexual excitement.Sexual intercourse before flirting activities such as the lack of verbal communication and contact with skin, stimulate enough, sexual arousal is low, or the penis into the vagina after twitch friction frequency, amplitude and time is not enough, can't reach the level of excitement ejaculation central caused not ejaculation.2, mental psychological factors.Think the ejaculation will damage the body, the subconscious don't want to ejaculation.Or because of housing conditions, interference, nervousness, sexual arousal is restrained.3, long-term masturbation, make the central need under the intense stimulation of masturbation ejaculation to be excited.And normal sexual life, vaginal stimulation to the penis strength can not meet the strength of the stimulation of the penis when masturbation, without ejaculation.Don't ejaculation need comprehensive treatment, the first to eliminate negative factors such as anxiety, fear, and tension;Learning knowledge, the correct understanding of sexual intercourse is healthy.In fact, most women is due to the influx of semen has stimulated, which physically unable to explain, but women do have such feeling.Woman is described his feelings: "sex skin intimacy before causing desire, the stimulation makes me into a kind of strong desire and excitement, immediately have a sense of passion and sleep in the penis in the vulva and vagina fierce contraction, at the same time feel the husband's hyperactive.This climax of passion, due to the stimulation of further growth, can let me bear.Then, I felt semen like a torrent surge leakage (that's a very clear feeling), the person feel very comfortable and comfortable at the same time.It makes me pleased sustained and easily from the saint wine of semen is so perfect harmony and make my pleasure of nostalgia in the climax, until the end of her husband's passion and my passion come down gradually, slowly decline."