News; Sperm too much could also lead to infertility

Published: Monday 04 January, 2016

We all know less sperm and weak sperm can cause infertility, that the more the better?In fact is not, because of too many, can interfere with sperm swimming, energy consumption is fast, also get in the way men do dad.Too the sperm disease is more difficult to treat, and suggest that male friend if feel abnormal semen'd better check at an early date.Too much of the sperm, cause infertility?A recent study showed that men "glory" is too full, part of the cause of male infertility is sperm count too much, too strong vitality.Case: net friend Mr Li and his wife married for years, but has been unable to pregnancy, began to suspect that is caused by two people body, but the physical examination results show that the physical aspects of husband and wife are very healthy.Later, hospitals, and it is concluded that the result of both was in distress situation, the cause of infertility is Mr. Li's sperm.In fact, the female reproductive system is defense ability for sperm, male sperm will also continue to "practice", with more energy through the line of defense.If both sexes in step, fertilization success rate is higher, and vice pregnancy is suffering."These extraordinarily brave men lefthanded will" together across the road to the egg, caused the phenomenon of "more refined into the egg", seriously interfere with the normal fertilization of the eggs which can lead to infertility.Experts explain, too much disease refers to the total number of sperm per ejaculate sperm, or significantly higher than that of normal sperm density.Because swimming sperm counts too much can interfere with sperm, sperm count too much too quickly consumes energy.Excessive disease has been found that some sperm started motility is stronger, but in a few hours later, the sperm activity weakened sharply.Known, the onset of sperm too much relationship with heredity, nutrition, physical factors is not obvious.Why too much sperm can cause infertility?Experts have made the following:1, due to the sexual gland inflammation, causing fluid to reduce, so the sperm density is high, in this sense, sperm too much just semen "enrichment".2, because the sperm density and sperm activity, is just like a street as people much more special, but this statement has not been determined.3, sperm too much maybe that is associated with one's endocrine, may be a hormone level is too high, and make the raw sperm cells hyperactivity, accelerate the sperm density.But also easy to cause the endocrine disorder, affect sperm normal activity.The expert reminds, sperm too much causes often cannot clear, due to relatively difficult treatment.So, if feel abnormal semen'd better check at an early date.In addition, suggests that men in the daily drink plenty of water, adjust the endocrine, semen secretion is made to reach a balance, can play a role.