News; what's wrong with Middle-aged people Ejaculation not free

Published: Monday 04 January, 2016

Clinically, often hear some of the men complain about 40, recent sex ejaculation feeling not as free as before, even a bit of ejaculation.They are unwilling, even a little worried about whether there is something wrong with their reproductive system or sexual ability declined.In fact, may lead to some of the reasons for these sensations, both may be disease, may also has nothing to do with the disease.First of all, the mental factors.Male ejaculation is actually a process of "forced out", corpora cavernosa of striated muscle played a key role.If the psychological pressure is very big, long-term in a state of anxiety, tension, will cause the plant nerve function disorder, make voluntary muscle contraction diastole affected thereby, and thus the ejaculation of pleasure.Men at the age of 40, is the stage of career, family, all aspects of the most stressful, what mood would be affected.Therefore, learn to adjust mood, release pressure, is one of the men must master skills.Second, the physical factors.Don't exercise for a long time to cause a decline in muscle strength or body fatigue, these can be a strength of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle abate, this is also part of the ejaculated decreased pleasure.Exercise every day, therefore, not only can enhance immunity, also can make sex feel better, male friends should act quickly, don't let the body "rust".Once again, orgasmic dysfunction.This is indeed a kind of disease, usually caused by reproductive endocrine disorders.In addition to pleasure to drop, ejaculation may also have reduced the volume of semen, the symptom such as loss of libido, need to go to the hospital diagnosis and treatment.