News; how to get benefit on women with sexual

Published: Wednesday 23 September, 2015

A, sex can destroy pressure, relieve tension:In the process of sex, the release of human hormones make it impossible for us to feel the pressure.This reaction even can last for hours, until the hormone levels back the normal level of the whole body system.Second, sex can help you fall asleep:Sex during physical effort and emotional high would be the perfect engine, lead you into sleep.Muscle tension when excited, and after the event response is flabby, this process obviously help to rest and sleep.Three, sex can keep youth:British drug research center of the doctor and counseling expert John said: if you don't use your organs, so it tends to deterioration.Sex can increase the degree of vaginal lubrication, and moist vagina.Four, sex can improve self-confidence:Do you have a regular sex life show that you and your partner have been in love with each other.Sex is easy to reach orgasm will feel more attractive, increase your self-confidence.Five, sex can change your appearance:When sexual stimulation and exercise in the adrenaline.These hormones can improve the transparency of the skin, make it look bright and clear, some people also beautiful.Six, sex makes you and your partner closer, including emotional and physical:When you and your partner relationships tend to be good, you two sex life will also tend to be better.You can came to speak to each other through good communication, to love each other more.Seven, sex can relieve menstrual cramps:Sex hormones can relax when it caused menstrual cramps pulling force.Eight, sex can help prolong life:There is evidence that the marriage is single and divorced live longer, and of a good marriage and sex life have a great relationship.Regardless of physical and mental, make love is good for health.Nine, sex head-on and blood circulation system is good:Sex can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.If you have intense exercise, can achieve good exercise on the cardiovascular system.Dr. Smith said, occasionally to speed up your heart rate will not have any harm, this is another way to stretch your cardiovascular system, hence the "sex three times a week? Heart disease not door to door".