News; 3 kinds of sexual expression are the most let woman angry

Published: Wednesday 23 September, 2015

Efforts to develop the potential of the husband, some men really emotional intelligence (or business) is lower, need a woman to development, let they no longer SiBanBan.Can try to play sex toys, watching porn, sex play games together, say sexual fantasies together, to try all kinds of rare sex...All of these can be slowly let man "solution amorous feelings".A: with the wife in masturbationMasturbation is common after marriage experts saying: men, not necessarily is not interested in to his wife, but masturbation provides a completely different experience and feelings.As middle-aged, of course, the two sides too familiar, sexual passion will surely fall further, I think it should be in a tolerant attitude to accept, and then on a voluntary and may, within the scope of the do our best to make each other and their satisfaction.B: deliberately reduce sexMarried nearly five years, the most recent husband thinks we should sex change, decided to make adjustments on the frequency, having sex once a week.Expert view: the frequency of sex, and should not be to deliberately set, should be based on the natural demand of both sides.So that is implied by the number of life to the pursuit of sexual passion, not a fundamental way, psychological communication to keep sex harmony and passion is the most important.If conditions allow can sleeping, is beneficial to health, but also to have sex...C: husband, lowMy husband and I have been unsatisfactory sex, I don't even have a high tide, and the husband really ascetic person, his claim to the sex is far worse than me, what should I do