News; Five actions to prevent kidney empty

Published: Friday 18 September, 2015

Kidney empty means the kidney essence of Yin and Yang deficiency, kidney deficiency will make men often appear the symptom such as waist sour, hot and dry, and night sweats, normal life caused problems with men.So, men how to prevention and treatment of kidney empty?Here is to teach you five prevention of kidney empty action:A, rub foot every dayRub them to return after heat, with his left hand to wipe his right foot, with the right hand rubbing his left foot, in the morning and 1 times, each time rub under 300.Second, do a simple exercise every day, if you have time, also can do many times continuously)1, two parallel, the foot with the shoulder wide, visual ahead, two arms natural prolapse, stick in the pants seam, two hand fingers naturally opened.Heel lift, continuous breathing nine times.2, heel to the ground, inhale, slowly bend knee squat down, his hands turn gradually, before escaping to the ankle;Hand close to the ground, slightly hard, into boxing (grip), suction of air.3, your breath, the body gradually rise, hands prolapse, gradually make a fist.