News; Husband and wife have sex with "five steps of" impulse

Published: Thursday 17 September, 2015

Different people have different ways of sex, of course, some people like to straight, straight sex of some people like to have foreplay.The first is contact.Women like men to touch a woman's hand gently, when touch hand some hint, let a woman's heart ripples rise, want to let a man hug and kiss.If be in touch when a woman's hand, shaking with fear, or do a few nervously, women don't like it, it will be a little annoying.Husband and wife sex position next action.See a woman against the handshake and suggests that men held a woman in your arms, fast and fierce, women love a man so strongly to her, then tightly embrace, stick the body together, inseparable, this is the most women need to feel.Caress, whispers is little not, men groaning from time to time also some mature woman longed, women know that men put in the emotion, the following already brewing.Now you can more tightly around her, then inadvertently put his hand touched her breasts and vagina, let her feel you.Before having sex refers to sexual intercourse before the play or foreplay.Sexual medicine called "in the run-up to the foreplay.Room home in ancient China, xi called "play" (that is, the couples sexual intercourse before playing the law of action and it should be).Its purpose is to make both sides of husband and wife in enhancing sexual stimulation, on the basis of sexual excitement sublimation, in order to make good intercourse from two aspects of physical and mental preparation which allow both sides more easy to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm.The third step is to kiss.Kiss to heat, soft, long and deep, to live, let a woman in the kiss when there is a feeling, this is the man's kung fu.General tongue should be in the woman's mouth constantly touched her tongue, when the fast slowly, and sometimes use lip kissing for a while, sometimes turning the head, to kiss transform perspective, the woman the most can not stand, man can hold soft woman sat down, and the best in bed, no conditions on the sofa or any place.Kiss should continue, straight kiss a woman's hand began to lower part of the man, hot body, close to the man, that woman has a strong sex.Men can be took advantage of women there is no resistance, began to take off a woman's clothes, the movement wants gentleness, don't stop, not to evaluate women's clothing, better in the following, or a woman's mood is affected.Husband and wife sex position step 4.And let the woman sprint step man shouldn't take off pants at this moment, continue to kiss, side with both hands to touch her breasts at the same time.First grope for breast gently, and then put all your attention on all the highest point.Step 5.Men can begin to enter in addition to general intercourse action, women's favorite is sitting on a man, face to face.Into from the back is very good also.