News; Birth control pills how much will Injury body

Published: Thursday 17 September, 2015

Jiangsu readers ask Ms. Li: I just married, always adopts the method of oral contraceptive birth control, but recently read online, some say, eat birth control pills may affect physical health for a long time, some people had better not eat.What types of birth control pills, please, will cause harm to the body?Nanjing combine traditional Chinese and western medicine of doctor of vice director of obstetrics and gynecology hospital Liu Depei answer: birth control pills is also a drug, has certain side effects, so you need to choose according to individual circumstance is carefully.Common oral contraceptives, according to the efficacy of working time, can be roughly divided into three categories: emergency contraception, short-acting contraceptives and long-acting contraception.In taken within 72 hours of effective emergency contraception, drugs should not be having sex, lest affect effectiveness, the sooner you take the better the results.In general, endocrine disease, in patients with gynecological tumor, menstruation is scarce, women aged over 35 smoking are not take.Nausea and vomiting may occur after taking the drug, irregular uterine bleeding, menstrual changes, etc., sometimes concurrent breast pain, dizziness, general ease within 24 hours.This pill is unfavorable and long-term use, otherwise the harm to the body.A short-acting oral contraceptives for women without underlying disease or diabetes.It is easy to control, if you want to be pregnant, soon after the drug was stopped during pregnancy.The main side effects are nausea, vomiting, irregular uterine bleeding, menstrual early or late, breast tenderness, etc.Symptoms are mild, with food or medicine before bedtime can reduce its incidence.Long-term oral contraceptives, applicable to cannot be placed intrauterine device, are reluctant to adopt other contraceptive methods, and women living together for a long time.Its advantage is long-term, reversible, there is no daily medication and does not affect the sex life.The disadvantage is that some women may cause by the volume increase, menstrual extension, severe cases may also cause amenorrhea.General newly married women, have high blood pressure, obesity, gynecological diseases such as tumor women shall not take.