News; A man should have common sense about sex

Published: Monday 14 September, 2015

Clinically, male sexual dysfunction are mainly low libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and don't ejaculation, etc.High incidence sexual dysfunction, such as the incidence of premature ejaculation is 14% - 41%, Asian male crowd ED prevalence of 2% - 88%.All need comprehensive treatment of these diseases, drug is just on the other hand, the correct understanding of sex, also plays an important role in treatment.First of all, to attach importance to the communication between partners.American female poet Anne Mr. Terry's poem "the spirit and flesh," the spirit and the flesh as siblings.Sex should be the best combination of emotion and sexual behavior, and emotion is the foundation.Sex without feelings eventually will appear this or that sexual dysfunction.In outpatient service, I often encounter some patients, it is because the relationship problems between partners and lead to low sexual desire or ED.If emotional foundation firm, you will take care of each other, avoid sexual dysfunction problem.On the contrary, absorbed in their own pleasure, will lead to the emergence of a series of problems.Secondly, to explore the effects of drugs and limitations, take own adjustment.Key to treatment of sexual dysfunction is adjusted on its own, drug just help patients correct bad state, rather than a life-long rely on drugs to maintain.Sex, men if the along while, and there is no pleasure, time is prone to low sexual desire.If the expectations are too high, a erectile function not beautiful, carried a big psychological burden, will inevitably increase the risk of ED.Sex in the process, when the excitement once more than a certain threshold cannot control, premature ejaculation patients stop before that, to be excitatory reduce further, contribute to the treatment of premature ejaculation.Finally, many men for penis size.In fact many patients are within the normal range, the most small is the normal range.Women around the vaginal opening more nervous and sensitive, vagina deep nerve are very few, so small penis men don't have to worry about, small penis does not affect the quality of sexual life.Penis size does not determine sexual high and low, as many of the great man is a little history.