News; Men impotence Is heart disease but also is body disease?

Published: Thursday 10 September, 2015

For men, erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the penis cannot achieve or maintain an erection, in order to get satisfactory sex life.ED according to their degree can be divided into light, medium, heavy three degrees.Because people lack of understanding of ED common sense, in the back of many ED patients heavy ideological baggage, affected the normal family life, I also tend to become withdrawn character and temper easily, thus affect the interpersonal relationship.Although thought psychological factor is the main cause of ED, but the present understanding is that for most men, ED with many diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia), drugs, trauma, and operation and so on.ED is a kind of disease of body and mind, if long-term psychogenic ED were not timely and reasonable treatment and psychological counseling, illness will increase, and gradually transformed into organic ED.At the same time, the incidence of chronic underlying disease increased gradually in the crowd, especially in elderly men, this will greatly affect the status of sexual function and penile erectile, such as diabetes, the prevalence of ED can be as high as 80% above, and most of them are moderately severe ED.Column at the beginning of the red husband for mild ED, the most obvious evidence for morning erection and can complete life of husband and wife.With the passage of time, and the invisible pressure from core red, both brought together, work together to promote the core red husband erectile function decline further, and has since recovered.At the same time, the red awareness of the seriousness of this problem, request treatment, because her husband too, don't want to go to a hospital checking, only by Chinese medicine kidney and eat the strong sun.Due to not normal hospital diagnosis and treatment of disease are delayed again and again, so that become severe ED patients.The sun is also ED patients, but his wife is in a peak demand.Although patients in a sudden sexual dysfunction, a careful analysis, can find its cause is clear, process is not sudden.Lunisolar with position gradually enhanced, especially after served as chief financial officer, hard work, many dinner parties and drunk innumerable, less exercise at the same time, waist size is more and more thick, medical examination found to alcohol liver, high blood pressure.This kind of life and eating habits, alcohol liver, high blood pressure disease can be clearly lead to ED.Comprehensive the above situation, may consider it as a secondary ED, in order to implement qualitative sex ED probability.