News; Three culprits to decrease of the quality of the sex

Published: Wednesday 09 September, 2015

Every couple want to a happy life, particularly in terms of sex, be sure to harmony happy.However, whether male or female, are there are some troubles, but once can't get rid of the trouble, it is easy to affect the normal life of husband and wife.Lower quality of life of husband and wife, the three big worry is the culprit.Trouble one, both of us are not very strong desire.He is not all night every night every week "to start the sex machine", "men always want to and are ready to make love" this is a rumor.Sexuality is will change, and men and women, also have low sexual desire, so don't think he lack of sexual interest "because of you.There are several reasons for a lack of sexual desire, such as drinking too much, working pressure is too large, or tired.Then come to a compromise solution, consider a plug-in sex, including oral sex, and rely on foreplay.In this way can make you satisfied, also can let him to sleep early.Solution: compromise.Troubles, I hate their bodiesUnless you have model figure, you always have such and such on his body.If so, don't have any trouble.All people (including men) will worry about your body enough charming, their professional skills enough, or own the place is enough big, small, strong).This is a dangerous idea, because if you can accept my body, so attractive you wouldn't believe you.Finally, think about what did you do to her boyfriend.No one will love always repeated sure her figure to sb.This is so rude, let alone how tiring.Solution: don't look yourself.Trouble three, always have sex with someone really boring.Women often complain that bed drab, between the first and not many women can solve this problem.In fact there are many ways to keep sex fresh and interesting, but will need two of you together to try new things, rather than do you boyfriend to do it.Have no confidence to oneself?Research shows that in the preemptive action is more a good sex life sex, more orgasm, and a more lasting relationship.Solution, the original mode of sex,The above three problems are many couples will appear, therefore, hope the broad masses of men to resolve these problems actively, and as the wife is always considerate of her husband, after all men strive out is not easy, don't go to blame him for not harmonious sex life, accused him.Always, happiness life is needs the joint efforts of both sides.