News; Men and women sleeping posture reflects the secret of sex

Published: Tuesday 08 September, 2015

Different people have different character and different personality traits on the position will also be different.For married men and women, between the two positions, to a certain extent, can reflect the little secret between two people.Among them, there are also some sex between two people not easy to be found.Head on his shoulder in real life, many women west yellow will head on lover's shoulder, because this position for them is probably the most comfortable position.This suggests that she is very enjoy your current relationships, you are how important in her mind.However, such couples first concern is the daily necessities in our daily life, rather than the moon, so their sex is often flat and stable.Psychological experts advise: in a place where sex, make sexual intercourse more fresh and passion!Back to back to sleep in this position of husband and wife, men and women both parties is the ego, usually there is no contradiction in time, when I sleep will also leave enough space for each other.This position in more consists of two senior white-collar couple, in their heart, working flat in even higher than that of love, when work tired or in small bad feelings, they use back to back more position to clear their estranged from each other, seeking self calm position.Men and women face sleeping sleeping like this often happens in the lovestruck lover or newly-married couple, two people always can't, but one thing is for sure is that both sides belong to possessive person.The love is very strong, without reservation, at the same time we also don't want anyone to influence feelings, sacrifice and a desire for each other, but in most cases is a spur of the moment.In this respect, they both belong to the enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, for any fancy new recruit is willing to try.Around behind each other's waist like the position of men is either to give women enough sense of security, or they have no sense of security.If women habits around a man's waist from behind to sleep, that she is very dependent on you from the heart, I hope you do the pillar in the home.In terms of sex, this position of couples tend to be more harmonious on the surface, and as long as each other have a request, the other party will respond immediately, because in their eyes, just to meet each other, pleasing each other, but the couple is too easy to overlook.If your sleeping position, if yes, see oneself have what shortage of place, can change it.