News; The beard is associated with sexual pleasure ?

Published: Tuesday 08 September, 2015

Question: I have the habit of shaving every day, today I heard to shave also has something to do with sexual pleasure when making love, feel very magical, why would shave with sexual pleasure pull in one piece?Sex not only need your genitals, your breath is an important tool to sexual intercourse, sexual foreplay must kiss, if you don't shave will be tied to your wife, not only feel pleasure, also have to prevent by your firm to during sex, so don't shave will affect sexual pleasure!Cross-examine: looks like some truth!Experts answer: not shave less human life every dayRecently, the American journal of epidemiology, published a research paper on think, people who do not shave every day compared with those who shave every day, fewer sexual frequency, 70% higher risk of stroke..This is a study in a university in the UK.The school's researchers in recent 20 years has been to tracked 2438 middle-aged men in wales, found not shave every day, mostly in the blue-collar workers, they are usually marriage is low, fewer orgasms, some people will therefore have to angina.Participate in the study, said professor people who don't often shave often sexual frequency, less testosterone levels are low, which reflect their fewer no stable marriage and sex characteristics.Experts answer: sex are of good quality, pay more attention to their imageMen shave or the main question of personal hygiene habits.A man beard blowing number not much, he may reflect the quality of life is low, so don't pay attention to personal image.And the sexual life quality and often orgasm man, usually will be pay attention to outward appearance, pay attention to your image in the eyes of sexual partners, so they shave must be diligent.At the same time, he admits that he does often shave, sex is also very normal.Experts answer: shaving effect pleasure vary from person to personBecause the United States and Europe there are some differences in history and culture, americans are relatively more informal.He estimates that America's white-collar and blue-collar weekly on the sex difference is not big.If in the United States to do similar research, the data may not be as obvious as the UK.The first to notice the beard grow speed is a relationship between sex hormones and a Scot.He is in the west of Scotland a remote island in the Hebrides, when he learned that is going to back to Scotland to see his girlfriend, found that his beard.So said shaving is linked with sexual pleasure.Shave affect sexual pleasure is not unfounded, but has scientific basis, so the men quickly move your beard shaved!!!!Also, don't forget to use a condom during sex, durex intimacy with a condom is very good choice, add more quantity of lubricant, make sex more smoothly, cheerful!