News; 30 years old man take three hurdles to go through

Published: Monday 07 September, 2015

Is a man of thirty gold period, 30 years is a career peak, 30 years old is also a good time to start a family.Such a good thirty years old, and you don't want to because of the lack of exercise and missed the gold period.More fat than musclesMen who lack of muscle power and endurance, can let a person feel weak, however, by the wind or not.So, if the muscles of the body is not developed, such as pectoralis major, rectus, triceps, quadriceps, this four parts are urging him to exercise your goals.An understanding of the status of existing muscle, determine the fitness goals, personal trainer, please design a set of training program.And then there is persistence, insist on, hold on.Male hormone is the source of sexual power, is to promote male secondary sex characteristic (including beard, Adam's apple and so on) development of the basic material, to learn the name of testosterone.The substance is accurate content in the body, because to have it played havoc to make a man look energetic, active movement.If you want to help he added male hormones, must pass a doctor agree, because hormone than with other, fill more will make you wonder of side effects.Better through sports and food to improve the quality of sperm and vitality.Heavily maleAlready 30 years old man beer belly risk is not high, but if you let down, at the age of 40, form could evolve into a big pears.As the name implies, beer belly is associated with drinking beer very.But at night to drink on an empty stomach, drink down, is the key to a beer belly.At the same time, if the diet is given priority to with high proportion of fat meat, is also a major cause of beer belly.So help him right amount drink timely, a balanced diet can maximize prevent beer belly.