News; Men don't do these three things before go to bed

Published: Monday 07 September, 2015

Men don't do these three things before go to bed
One avoid
excessive entertainment.Personality easily excited man, should not be going to bed for exciting speech, unfavorable see beautiful books, not make people watch movie or play once in a very long while can't forget.Bedtime should not see scenes fierce and content of the game, don't talk about nostalgic sadness or frightening things.
2 avoid
satiety.Don't too late supper, shouldn't overeat, 7 eighty percent full.Condiment shoulds not be too hard, should eat some light food easy to digest, pay attention to eat more vegetables and a percentage of grains, maintain defecate unobstructed.Don't eat anything before sleep, lest increase the stomach burden.
3 avoid
smoking drink tea to drink coffee.Night should not be smoking, should be discouraged from consuming drinks with a strong tea or coffee etc excitant, also don't drink too much juice beverage or flow.Smoke, tea and coffee will stimulate the brain, the brain is not easy to enter the inhibition.While YinFu high flow juice can lead to increase of urine, is not conducive to sleep again.