News; Five positions to let women love on your bed

Published: Saturday 09 August, 2014

Compared with foreign open sex culture, Chinese about sex of this topic is relatively conservative. The topic of privacy between husband and wife, however, it's a couple of emotional lubricant, good sex, rapid increase in temperature can make feelings, more strong.
Perfect sex need to be flexible with skill, not set in stone. So, we should not only know some skills, but also know how to use these techniques.
Sex posture, to a large extent determines the quality of sexual life, so to be in a couples sex life often change positions, can prolong sex life, improve the quality of sexual life. Here, just take a look at five sexual technique, let a woman love on your bed, also let you become the most "sex".
The old man the transportable
Perhaps from the name, we probably know what is this posture. After the so-called cart, the old man is actually what we call into the type. This sex position is the most primitive, from ancient times has been extended until today, like animal mating.
Women can legs kneel on the bed, crouch slightly behind, after entering into the type, in order to achieve that the aim of sexual intercourse. This sex position, can fully meet the demands of couples sex, can make both parties under the way of "push" the old man to orgasm together.
Sail type
Sex is not settled, any time can be conducted. So don't put the sex to only the night can do things, sometimes a little change of sex, can be used after wake up in the morning or after work, to a quick sex, although this way instead of the preparation, unhurried sex is different, but it will make you feel fresh and stimulation of the space, let both sides in the emotional can get great satisfaction.
Missionary type
Influenced by Chinese traditional thought, a man in a dominant position in the sex. This is why missionary type sex is popular in Chinese families, women like to control by men in each aspect, is in the man there is also a controlled under their gratification. Women look at a man, they will feel more tall and handsome man.
Playing hard to get the type
Many people ask me how long a one-time life is reasonable? Actually, normally, a sex once a week is reasonable. But if, in some cases intentionally to extend sex until two weeks, waiting for the day, can let each other desire for each other's needs. But this only occasionally, often such, may desire all have no together, that some do more harm than good.
Women under the male type on
Who said that sex, only men dominate, women can also. This kind of posture, it is absolutely female dominated. Men lie on your back, the female body straight sitting on men, before and after the friction move, this time the body completely, stick a skin completely, each other of the collision and feel the fire. This kind of perfect sex positions, you might as well try oh. But this kind of posture, because the female vaginal opening downwards, it is easy to love the outflow of fluid and can lead to vaginal dryness. So, might as well use some ylang flowers combined massage oil, let to enter more easily.