News; How do foreplay to make female orgasm is more intense?

Published: Sunday 06 September, 2015

Sex can vary from time to time, the same sex is boring, you need to continue to innovate and keep it fresh.In fact, around us there are a lot of commonly used articles for daily use, can be used as a sex props, to take advantage of both add cent for sex, and to feel more beautiful.First, take a candle and create atmosphereAccording to the survey, a woman in a man specifically for the construction of the atmosphere is more likely to estrogen, the woman also like to use to stir up men to build atmosphere.Take a candle, is men and women are more loving way of creating atmosphere, not only can increase the romantic, still can make body and mind to be closer to each other, and in light of the candle, both physically and mentally more relaxed, the body contour is more moving, both sides can enjoy the enjoy sex more.With orange incense and candle of lavender fragrance is a good choice, which contains the essential oil composition can reduce anxiety, enjoyable.Second, drink a glass of red wine, amorous feelingsDrank the wine of woman, can properly show charm and sex appeal, the man also prefer to see a woman drunk amorous feelings.A sentient beings, intentionally, women face if the peach blossom is so charming, man's eyes full of desire for nature.Red wine, not only let the woman kept a few minutes of sex of shyness, and fulfilled the passionate sex should be selfless and action.Third, surround a towel, sexy beautiesAccording to the survey, women are more likely to provoke wrapped in bath towel man's sex drive.Women might as well have a short shower before sex, both to keep health, and can let men desire gradually stir in waiting.When he saw you wrapped in bath towel sexy beauties, jilt a wet hair, estimate has been anxious to stop.Fourth, buy a blindfold, play romantic gamesForeplay, can let the other side lie on the bed, give him wear an eye mask, and then do some little tricks on him, such as a kiss.Because he can't see you, also don't know where are you kissing the next part will be, so stimulation will be stronger;Or you can write in the other party is more sensitive parts and let him guess, this kind of romantic little game not only more sex appeal, and conducive to the mutual feelings.Fifth, spread a blanket and massage each otherMight as well put temporary bedroom converted into massage, between husband and wife mutual massage, essential oils, can induce and enhance sexual desire.In general, women's ears, neck, inner thighs, the most sensitive in areas such as the armpits, breast, nipple, husband available fingers on the back pressure, slow movements should be gentle, to arouse sexual excitement.Sixth, wash a mandarin duck bath before sexWash the mandarin duck bath can not only clean the body, make the skin become smooth and moist, let a person look more healthy and energetic, can loosen body and mind.Hug to each other in the water with your lover, let each other's tenderness and temperature gradually penetrates the whole body, full expansion, breathe every pore, usually in the moment to release stress and worry.Joint bath can enhance feelings, improve the quality of sex.Can when showering, gently caress each other's body, chat, scrub back to each other.After slowly tenderness, full-body massage, can be each other's body and mind will be more comfortable.Downy light in the bathroom, but also easy to draw the outline of the curve of human body, can arouse the couple intimacy.Touch sensitive parts, also the most suitable as foreplay.Seventh, with a mirror, improve sexual excitementWant to know what each other during sex is?If you can see if he was more exciting?May wish to install a mirror in the bedroom, the best is to the bed, sex to observe and to know each other's body, improve the excitement.Studies have found that women are more likely to reach orgasm in front of a mirror.Passion when looking at two joint hot curve in the mirror, you and his wild blurred, what better than this more crazy, bolder doping?