News; The man how to improve sexual ability ?

Published: Tuesday 01 September, 2015

Sexual ability is one of the largest surely as a man, so no matter how a man looks, as long as there is a strong enough sexual ability can make them confident, just how to improve sexual ability that man?Someone's heart but a fist size, but dominated the whole body;It with "stick" are far apart, but a slight illness can make a man a "mechanical failure".Recently, harvard school of public health, Dr Eric b. rem in the latest issue of the international journal of urology, wrote on the heart is a man's key ability to dominate./ / behind / / property of the heart isRem in presiding over a 14 years of tracking survey, often sad to see that in the 22000 men, due to defects in the heart protection, they are at greater risk of sexual performance plummeting: 90% had obvious tendency of ED, and 50% higher than that of smokers, the chance of ED even more.Among them, many patients do not know from when to start your own ED problem, and some even after the heart cerebrovascular accident happened, only to find that sexuality even disappear.Rem, points out that the penis erection has been linked to heart health delicate coexistence.When the man heart is "desire", the center of the penile erectile cavity has been awash with blood in the arteries, sponge swells, it will stand up.And the heart is the root of the continuous and stable blood supply.Weaken any kind of heart function, as well as the factors that influence the blood pressure can lead to the penis cannot erect.Each smoking more than 20, almost never movement, overweight serious year by year...All affect heart health way of life, let the seemingly strong man paid a heavy price in sexual ability.A new Australian medical research points out that smoking more than 20 men, every day had a 39% higher risk of developing ED more at risk than men.Because the nicotine in cigarettes, such toxic chemicals can interfere with the penis blood circulation, reduce local blood pressure, cause congestion, erect.In the stable life after married or cohabiting, along with increased intake of dietary fat, regular exercise time is greatly reduced, many young men have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high cholesterol.This situation is greatly reduced their blood vessels oxygen ability, erectile ability.In addition, the problems closely related to heart health, such as hypertension and diabetes, will directly lead to ED.With modern higher rates of obesity among young people, the young man cardiovascular problems ahead of time, their erectile problems of age has been ahead of schedule./ / laughter heart-healthy / /A set of experiments show that, for the sake of sexual health, it is imperative to strengthen the heart health.Rem, points out that the most effective tool is regular exercise "strong heart".In his survey, 14 years to maintain high sport ability of the male, the chance of ED 30% less than other peers.Actually, it's not difficult to maintain a regular exercise, jogging every day 20 minutes, or stick to 15 minutes to walk up and down the stairs.In addition, the United States, a cardiologist at the university of Maryland medical center mike miller points out, often laugh and conducive to a healthy heart.This although it sounds a bit weird, but statistics found that after the laughter, the human body blood flow velocity 22% faster than the normal speed, this is equivalent to cardiovascular made a nice massage.Especially with partner to share a laugh, but also can further promote the two people feeling, enhance sexual desire.