News; The women have more liquid, the ease of orgasm

Published: Tuesday 01 September, 2015

During sex, many people mistakenly believe that the more semen, sexual ability is higher but the fact is that so?In fact, the male sexual function and age, androgen and estrogen levels, factors such as physical and mental state, and semen volume is not directly related.So women love the more fluid that is her orgasm?The answer is not certain.Women love how much liquid is associated with pleasureThe so-called love, is actually two love is tender, vaginal a mucous glands produce naturally, this is a normal physiological reaction.The main liquid lubrication, contribute to penis, also effectively avoid the organ in friction "hard" some discomfort.The emergence of love fluid shows the arousal of women is higher, is ready for the upcoming sex, also created favorable conditions for reach orgasm.But this has to do with sex, in the process of penis erection to a certain hardness is same, only means that the human body to achieve a state of excitement, doesn't mean is sure to orgasm.Love fluid continuously secrete exuberant, said, to a certain extent acceptable sex for a long time, women will not stop by vaginal dryness pain, but it's hard to say whether she could get full pleasure during.Friction is too big, can affect the penis insertion, but the friction is too small, hurt each other's "intimate contact".Some women because of love the secretion of fluid, cause excessive vaginal lubrication, then if combined with vaginal relaxation, small male genital, etc., will also reduce the normal friction of pleasureFemale orgasm is different from person to person, dominated by psychology, environment and other factors, is by no means a simple love liquid can be achieved.Therefore, love how much liquid and can get pleasure and no direct link.Liquid secretion of women love good condition, it should be two of a kind, love liquid can make vaginal lubrication fully;Start after sex, vaginal secretion can continue, the entire process without a sense of dryness or stimulate the pain, also do not have too much worry about lubrication, secretion natural stop after orgasm.Reveal a woman love liquidIn general, women's vagina as the birth of the birth canal and a monthly period, vagina wetting is a normal phenomenon.But, once the female sexual excitement, especially sexual intercourse in full swing, the vagina will produce love fluid, has been puzzling sex therapists.First, people thought the vaginal opening on both sides of the vestibular part has a small fold of secretion in the shape of mouth, when women excited, there will be a vestibular big gland mucus flow from now on.In the late '50 s, masters found deep in the vagina secretion from flow out.In fact, even if the removal of vestibular big gland of female vagina wetting, thus he overthrew the last statement.Markov argues that when women are cause sexual excitement, vaginal wall began seeping like bean big sweat droplets, wetting the vagina soon.However, nerve-racking, no good account according to this phenomenon.They also didn't find in vagina how to search the secretory.Surprisingly, did not produce points how can secrete gland secretion?To this, Dr Bell proposed his own view.He used to be a kind of glue sample solution besmear is on glass on the experiment, the results solution like juice as dispersed droplets.As a result, he speculated that secreted from the cervical canal liquid like his "glass test" are covered in the vaginal wall.There is a problem, bean big sweat masters saw what?Dai li assistant professor think well because vaginal vestibule part is composed of mucosal tissue, so it must be to secrete mucus.And women university professor marsh rice culture that is still the cervix mucus is likely, he believes that the fluid outside the ovulation is tacky, but when oviposit period or be caused sexual excitement, viscosity dilution.This is due to be uterine mixed fluids dissolved.About the cause of love liquid, no fluid to relieve and Dr Bell said love is from the cervix mucus, he has been investigated in orgasm women injection fluids, that is from the fluid inside the uterus.Love liquid is a kind of color light and transparent, pH value of 7.5, a weak alkaline, no sticky liquid.Chemical analysis as a result, each containing 0.22% protein, 0.35% sodium chloride, 0.095% calcium, inorganic phosphorus 0.31%, this is a concentration of saliva less liquid.Men love how much liquid is normalCore tip: many men mistakenly believe that ejaculation, semen is the more sexual function, the better.In fact, the male sexual function and age, androgen and estrogen levels, factors such as physical and mental state, and semen volume is not directly related.Many men make the mistake of thinking that, when ejaculation, semen is the more sexual function, the better.In fact, the male sexual function and age, androgen and estrogen levels, factors such as physical and mental state, and semen volume is not directly related.According to the world health organization (WHO) standards, a normal male fine quantity should be around 5 ml, specific quantity changes affected by ejaculation frequency is the largest.In general, the couple in the honeymoon stage life more frequently, so the men in the first few days of semen quantity is more, the later may be less and less.This is because, the male sperm formation need 1-2 days, if the ejaculation frequency, could lead to "tight".The quantity is little, of course, is not a disease, as long as the time interval, prolong sex will not.A similar situation in male masturbate frequently, also can appear when spermatorrhea.If, however, a few days, weeks or longer are not pure, and semen volume is still less than 1.5 ml each time, is the semen too little.This kind of semen too little can lead to acid in semen is not fully and vaginal secretions, affect sperm viability, unable to maintain enough nutrition, sperm that affect sperm activity, leading to male infertility.