News; What stole your "lasting fighting capacity"

Published: Friday 28 August, 2015

Sex is not persistent, often let husband and wife life trapped contradiction, in fact lead to sex not lasting except to find a way to foreign, but also know that lead to these external factors.So what makes your sex lose color, what causes you to become "one minute" Sir?Premarital sexPremarital sex, due to the tension, excitement came quickly, in a hurry, the marriage is difficult to change the way has been established.Suddenly interrupt intercourseSex is suddenly interrupted, and using in vitro methods of contraception, because both sides very nervously concentrate on withdrawal withdrawal, fine, the man's too nervous easily cause before.Sexual intercourse farSexual intercourse frequency is too little, or separation of husband and wife, or a surviving spouse on a business trip for a long time, because of long time without sexual intercourse, sexual requirement is too strong and easily premature ejaculation.Also some people worry about premature ejaculation, intends to decrease The Times of sexual intercourse and cause sexual tension constantly savings, aggravate premature ejaculation.Heterosexual contact lessHeterosexual contact less, lack of sexual knowledge, with women too reserved and shy, some people lack of sexual knowledge, has mystery to the sex organs, nervous panic caused the premature ejaculation.Has a history of masturbationHas a history of masturbation, although hand itself does not directly cause premature ejaculation, but due to long hand or found with dormitory, afraid of being parents want to end as soon as possible, and get into the habit of in a hurry.The relationship is not harmoniousThe relationship is not harmonious, because of his wife too much fear, idolatry, inferiority complex and intense, or have the potential for acrimony, to his wife these occur premature ejaculation.The husband to his wife, as a sexual desire to vent more rush it quickly.In addition, women with genital tract inflammation, sometimes because of sexual intercourse can cause pain, then the woman asked over sex and cause premature ejaculation as soon as possible.Bedroom environment is poorBedroom environment is poor, sexual life too hastily, prone to premature ejaculation.