News; Men's error during sexual

Published: Friday 28 August, 2015

Is usually brought about the most, you about sexual topics, men and women have become a reference to the lovers, in fact there is not many pitfalls of scienceMyth: women care about penis sizeMen always worry about the size of the "where", the woman is not so seriously.WeiLiMan, says Dr In a survey of 50000 heterosexual men and women, 85% of women were satisfied with the partner's penis size, while only 55% of men are satisfied with their penis size.For women, removing the essence of sex, kiss, caress, hug can greatly improve their sexual feelings.Myth 2: sex can help reduce weight35 minutes that sex does burn calories, but love can only consume 85 ~ 150 kilocalorie quantity of heat.In theory, use up 3500 kilocalorie quantity of heat to lose weight 450 grams, therefore, must do 35 times love to 450 grams of weight.The reality is that no one has such a good endurance.Myth 3: only men will wet dreamWhen men sexual dream, often can appear nocturnal emission.It is generally believed women's not the case.But the United States, a survey has found, according to the study of 245 women with wet down after the collapse of the sexual dreams is occupied 37%, among them in the past year has the experience of 30%.Experts think, women can also reach orgasm in his sleep.Myth 4: chocolate can aphrodisiacDr WeiLiMan said: "there is no evidence to suggest that chocolate and oysters can obviously lust."However, she said, the person's psychological very magical subtle, if a food is associated with specific parts of the body, such as bananas, cherry, so also can arouse libido.Myth 5: stimulation of the clitoris to make female orgasmFrom stimulate breast, nipple, to stimulate the vagina, clitoris, women to orgasm in different ways.WeiLiMan and carol said that by stimulating other parts of the body other than the penis of orgasm is called the "regional climax".Myth: every woman has a G spotIn fact, the researchers are not entirely sure g-spot exists.WeiLiMan said: "haven't found conclusive scientific evidence to confirm or disprove the existence of the g-spot."WeiLiMan said that if a woman does not exist the g-spot, then don't tried to find the g-spot is located."Just to make you enjoy the way sexual experience can be."Myth: using oral sex is safeSex in a different part of the mouth kiss, can also spread all kinds of pathogenic bacteria.Herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and human papillomavirus (HPV) and the AIDS virus can spread through the mouth.Therefore, if health lack of sexual partners, will do a good job in security measures.Myth: semen nutritiousWeiLiMan and carol's book wrote, some people think that semen dirty, while others think that the rich nutrition.The two are not correct.In most cases, semen is sterile unless ejaculation is suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.Of course, it is not what nutrition health care products.