News; What body reactions when the women is coming to orgasm

Published: Thursday 27 August, 2015

Woman want to have sex or is about to reach orgasm, the body will appear some reactions, sex, men must not ignore her sexual signals, may be she has not enjoy?1 the chest body signalsBlush to judge the excitation intensity of women.If a woman's breasts and face slowly turned pink, that is trying to tell you: right, go ahead.In addition, women under the state of sexual excitement, chest swelling, 25% bigger than usual.2 the pupil body signalsFemale charming when excited, the pupil will unconsciously.This is because her body is ready for more stimulus, the brain command irises, let more light into the eye.This is where a male the time to act.Physical signal 3 lashesStudies have found that women taking birth control pills, blink per minute to 32% more than others.That female hormone levels in the body will change, all the more to strong rugged men.At this time, will show her your side the most resolute and confidence.4 the nose body signalsWomen's sense of smell is particularly sensitive in the early morning, so at this time is the best time to court, can to her to do a delicious breakfast in bed, had better send a hot banana nut bread.Research shows that the fragrance of the bread can increase the secretion of vaginal lubricants.5 abdominal body signalWant to know now is a good time to courtship?Just look at her way of breathing.Women on the inhale stomach sag that she in shallow breathing in the chest.This shows that she has a pressure, had better not aggressive.Uplift if inhale abdomen, chest, her breath on a deeper level, this is excited, excited signal.6 back body signalsArches to orgasm, women will come.Then can hug her and keep her posture.Remember, don't stop, keep the same pace and intensity, until she reached the top.7 hand body signalsIf cold lover's hand, the temperature is lower or under pressure.At this point, should use the arms around her, touched her back slowly, not only can let her relax, also can arouse her inner desire.8 the brain body signalsWine with a pair of men and women, are often more and more wild men, women have become drowsy.This is because the male after drinking will release the desire, but a woman's brain reactions will slow down.In fact, choose a song of her love of music, is incomparable "aphrodisiac."9 nail biting body signalsWomen to repeat an action, on behalf of a degree of tension, such as scratch the skin or nail biting.Men can her hand away gently, gently knead, caress, such nervousness will dissipate.