News; more longer more better during sex is it right ?

Published: Thursday 20 August, 2015

First of all, having sex, not only both the male and the female sex organ in highly congested state, and from sexual excitement period to the height, the body's many tissues and organs are involved in this special physiological process, the whole body muscle tension enhanced obviously, heart beat faster, etc., so the body's energy consumption increased significantly, increase metabolism.If having very long time, it can make the body's energy cost too much and feel tired, even the spirit of the two sides appear tired, muscle soreness, fatigue and discomfort, it is bound to affect the second day of work and labor.Second, when having sex, both the male and the female sex organ in highly congested state close contact and activities, if the time is too long, easy to cause a variety of diseases.Clinical proof, spent a long time, women are more likely to cause urinary infection, menstrual disorders, such as male easy cause prostatitis, etc.Sex is an important part of life of husband and wife, happy happy harmonious sex life is a natural need, men's and women's physiological is to maintain the physical and mental health and one of the important means of close relationship.Grasp the temperate regular sex or master moderate masturbation frequency, periodic discharge of prostatic fluid, can alleviate the swelling of the prostate with feeling, promote the continuous renewal of prostatic fluid, contribute to the normal prostate function and dysfunction of prostate patients' rehabilitation.Some young people indulge in sexual life, sexual life or frequent masturbation often phenomenon, this also is very adverse to prostate.Excessive sex easily to appear prostate tissue functional shrink, cause prostate active or passive congestion, itself is prostate tissue damage and prostatitis inducing factors, and can make the patients with prostatitis treatment effect.It was once the honeymoon period groom happen prostatitis named "honeymoon" of the prostate, is caused by frequent excessive sex prostate induced by marked hyperemia of prostatitis.