News; Women want to make love every day is normal or not ?

Published: Tuesday 18 August, 2015

Ms. Zhang: since a child, I become very strong desire.Want to every day.Even when forthcoming month classics will want to.If you don't make love, is often suffer from insomnia, only suppress himself every day, often bubble is in bath crock surreptitiously masturbate myself.And my husband make love have orgasm every time, sometimes there will be 3 orgasms.The next day, however, still very want to have sex.The husband are afraid of me now, every day until I fell asleep, he didn't go to bed.What should I do?Experts answer: want to make love is a kind of very normal phenomenon, when the body of hormone secretion to increase, will naturally think of the proper venting.But want to make love every day seems a little not normal, combined with what you said just gave birth to the child to become so, estimated to be caused by increased prolactin eroticism, suggest you go to check the sex hormone six, if it is, can be treated by control, combined with psychotherapy.Want to more work, think less of this matter, also find some leisure activities, pay attention to, don't be so scared and nervous.