News; Mobile phone may do harm to sex

Published: Tuesday 18 August, 2015

Sex is a very sensitive thing, any deviation will be with each other.Phone starts ringing in the process of sex, will hurt both sides of husband and wife of sexual experience, can also lead to male erectile dysfunction (ED)."Sometimes, the couple together seamlessly, suddenly broke into a telephone, sexual desire, nerve conduction was cut off immediately, not only men 'stick' will suddenly weak, his wife may also be because frightened and buried psychological shadow."Guo pointed out that the shock caused by cannot erect, sometimes is a "false ED" sex, belong to the heart by sexual problems, psychological counseling or rest for a period of time, can be restored;Sometimes it must be through the professional treatment, medication, and under the guidance of rebuilding confidence.Give love set phone alarm reminder: you don't use cell phone when the alarm clockTo avoid the stimulation of a phone ringing, must advance prevention in detail.Before sex, for example, it is best to turn off the phone, or choose silence.Lock the door, close the window, if possible, to avoid the unexpected trouble.Inside the bedroom can try not to put the sound, such as TV and phone;If it is convenient, it is better to suspend the alarm clock.At ordinary times to regularly check the "hardware" such as beds, bedside table, wardrobe, shrill noise to prevent accidental damage.Dim lighting can also be appropriate.......In addition to cell phone radiation and seven deadly harm!