News; High sexual technique let her Shouting "want"

Published: Saturday 09 August, 2014

In order to stir up a woman's desire, the man often use some suggestive techniques on the bed. But, sometimes, tease for a long time, women still have no reaction, or the man has to suppress, women still wet enough, it is not just embarrassing, also let a man holding very hard.
The following four flirting skills, can let the woman surge of spring tides occur faster, and even Shouting "want".
Hand to mouth and amuse the audience
The breasts of a woman is not yet a man's love, is one of the women are sensitive. A lot of men like to kiss a woman's breasts, including live nipple sucking, of course, it can be a very good tease a woman's. But don't forget there is only one mouth, and breasts, there are two. When you use your most to kiss, don't forget to use the care of the other side.
Treat the audience, an eccentric, caress breasts with the hand, can circle, can also be arbitrary knead gently into various shapes. Hand and mouth, not eccentric equal treatment on both sides of the audience, to make women more quickly on.
Rough fingers back
A woman's back is also very sensitive, smooth back feels feel is also very good. Men can kiss a woman's neck, and gently stroked back, from top to bottom, with rough along the spine to slide gently, between has been sliding into coccygeal vertebra place, such a seemingly simple action, can let a woman have been weak current strike back feeling, good, sensitive woman may have love fluid under the rampaging?
Touch press boo
A buxom is one of the men on the beauty of, quite become warped butt is a sign of sexy. To deal with the ass, directly with the most simple way. Touch, pressure, massage, or let the fingers curl NieLong hips, stuck to the hip in the meat with your fingers. Hip is not as delicate as the chest, you can use some strength. Specific to see women feel, of course, some women like to tease the hips are slightly painful feeling, so she can arouse more sexual desire. This aspect can communicate more, find the most appropriate.
Smooth tongue to lick the thigh
A woman's thigh is one of sensitive zone which cannot be ignored, because the inner thigh proximity, caress inner thighs, make women get dual meet the physical and psychological. Best method is to use the tongue lick kiss inner thighs, lick kiss ham, or use the tip of the tongue tease about its neighbors - a woman's private parts, make women want more.
After a series of provocative men and women's sexual desire is more high, so it can let two people sharing a climax, it is the unity of nature and perfect sex.