News; The harmonious sexual can treat many disease

Published: Tuesday 18 August, 2015

Good sex is not only to physical and mental pleasure, also can bring a lot of unexpected benefits.Recently, the us sexologists Barbara pease it in a recent book men need to sex, women need love, sex is the magic of "panacea", can help ward off a variety of diseases, strong body.The following several reasons is sex become medicine.Prevent allergies.Sex is a natural antihistamine, can help reduce the nasal congestion and pollen allergy, also can effectively reduce the incidence of asthma.Treatment of dermatitis.Sexual sweat can clean pores, promote skin surface temperature, help dermatitis, skin rashes and acne skin diseases such as rapid recovery.Eliminate depression.During sex, can produce a large number of endorphins in the brain, this kind of material can make the person produces pleasure and happiness.The university of California, according to a study by one-time after orgasm, 85% of the patients with mild depression symptom be mitigated.Therefore, in the depression, sex is better than medicine.Effective weight loss.Sex can enjoy happy eliminate fat at the same time, in the crowd effect than medicaments reducing weight.Different positions that can stretch exercise every muscle, sports as swimming, running effect.To help sleep.For men, a strong orgasm is equivalent to 5-10 seconds to take 2 to 3 mg of stability and help its rapid fall asleep.For women, 10 times sex can help reduce the frequency of insomnia.Relieve headaches.Sex can release tension, thus effectively relieve headache symptoms.Strong bones.Regular sex can increase the secretion of estrogen, estrogen may keep bones healthy and reduces the risk of osteoarthritis.Prevent tooth decay.Kiss a lot of saliva secretion produced by the can clean teeth, reduce acid cause tooth decay.Protect the heart.Regular sex heart disease and stroke risk can be halved, but old people, to prevent violent sex heart disease patients.