News; The harmonious sex life with 5 standards

Published: Monday 17 August, 2015

Standard one: the connection of loveNot to "sex" and "love" separation, experts in the field of sex, as well as other, "mind" occupies the position of the center. Experts see sex as a couple in the relationship is very important part of experts are willing and committed to themselves and each other's satisfaction.Standard 2: shall be error freeSex harmony happy couples know: sex not what everyone should comply with the absolute standard, should how does not exist, how the wrong problem. As long as both sides are satisfied, is happy.Standard three: fill the gapCouples sex life will encounter "gap between men and women" problem, however, due to the husband and wife relationship is full of a kind of think of each other of the spirit of seeking common meet each other, will be active to compensate for possible gap.Standard four: dare to talk about tabooSociety for a long time there is a taboo to talk about sex. Sex very successful couple, to be able to read others thought never see each other as the man of god, but open up candid discussions on sex. They also know: hope the other party or both parties to do a new way of behavior, action, posture, or, what does not mean that always have mistakes.Standard five: wonderful balanceDuring sex, each side has to pay and accept, male and female both sides need each other and accept each other's services. Between the couple built a each other happily and actively, totally the wonderful balance of giving and receiving, will make their sex always make both sides happy and clinking.Repetitive life, moreover, is a benefit to health, and difficult to sexual life cheerful, persistently, should cause the attention of both sides of husband and wife.