News; Sex 8 elements,how much do you know about them ?

Published: Sunday 16 August, 2015

(1) password: sex between husband and wife if formed a specific sex password, ML don't need a long way, as has the password safe, open box directly by the password every time, without the need to study what is the password every time, do a lot of busywork, spend unnecessary time.(2) the time to distinguish: estimated without which man like yourself every day in sexually active women, sometimes a man also wants to show his power, to give him a chance. Active must see an opportunity, even if you are really a man than you, don't behave strong than you men. In the process of sexual life, a woman after all, it's the need to caress more, need to wake up.(3) at the food: the man also classification, not equal to see it. Your man he is traditional or open?He have great man's doctrine thought?Women don't take the initiative to actively, must first understand your man's temperament, if he like to enjoy everything you listen to him, you still first measure the strength of his initiative to you, start again. A look can empathize the tacit understanding, is a kind of wonderful feeling.(4) mystery: as a man again close also need some personal space, a woman is not to say that the entire himself actively exposed to light, sight. Don't take the initiative to actively, women have to know the remain a little mysterious, scarcity value, don't let a man looking at your light. When you say, "you want" is the same, the twists and turns, than directly said "you want" absolute amorous feelings.(5) talk less and do more: words sometimes is superfluous, when men have fully understand your intentions, give mouth to stop a break, using body language or eye to express. On sex, sometimes temptations and was just a line, the difference between the need to use body sense to cooperate, rather than language, when you say nothing at all.(6) the baseline control: everyone has their own bottom line, you can't because of your own happiness, and ask a man must do this or that, he doesn't like, remember must not be forced, no matter how the sassy girl fashion world, everyone has his own principles, don't take others blindly to do templates. His sexual taboos, don't go to touch(7) gender equality: just because you're actively, will have to ask a man. The man in his physiological cycles or tired, he didn't have the right to move, so on gender equality.