News; Drinking will enhance sexual desire or inhibit sexual desire?

Published: Wednesday 12 August, 2015

The neon of life, a lot of men are like for wine is no resistance, but men, drink drink too much but can affect your sexual desire.Along with the small make up together to get to know the right now.To see how the small amounts of alcohol can increase the sensitivity but will reduce the sensitivity and let a person tired so want to entertain, don't drink too much to the point of uncomfortable.But, a lot of alcohol ACTS on the nervous system of the human body, the whole body every organ in the inhibitory state.Dairy tincture wasted has lost conscious manner, most natural sleep, the personnel don't know, simply lost sexual desire.Long-term drinking will eventually cause chronic alcoholism, complete loss of sexual function.Excessive drinking, alcohol can inhibit the central nervous system, interfere with sexual impulse stimulation of nerve reflex pathways, inhibition of penis erection, also suppresses women's sexual arousal.Of course, if far from sex to drunk.In addition, no matter male or female, if long-term drinking, male testosterone secretion of male hormones (testosterone) level declines, female ovarian function may be damaged, endocrine disorder will occur.Long-term heavy drinking (alcohol) will ultimately lead to the men and women's sexual problems.Male sexual desire is not only the influence of alcohol, women also.Long-term drinking will cause obvious physiological changes, which affect the sex, can appear even after drinking is still unable to recovery of physiological function.For example, the occasional drink can temporarily reduce male testosterone and sperm count, and long-term drinking can lead to permanent male infertility and testicular atrophy.In addition to reduce testosterone, female hormone levels will increase, and cause can't restore breasts bigger (male female) of the emulsion.The harm of drinking vary from person to person, but the existing evidence suggests that women drinking too much can cause, irregular menstruation, infertility, etc.