News; The psychological analysis of sexual edge

Published: Wednesday 12 August, 2015

Sexual edge refers to both men and women sexual attraction, but in the longer term and not to have sex.According to the survey, between lovers, lovers, husband and wife, is on the edge of the sexual orientation.Since the ancient times, people worship of sex, never cool.But today, life in city white-collar workers, facing the pressure of life and work, in terms of sex, some unlicensed partners enjoy each other for spiritual comfort at the same time, also some people take the edge of a type of sexual behavior.This is one of the reasons to result in some older woman never.Sexual edge is, however, are not limited to this group, according to the investigation, in between lovers, lovers, between husband and wife, and were on the edge of the sexual tendencies.The box obstacles - edge of psychoanalysisSexual edge between loversGreen is a senior of good boy, and just two years ago into the university campus XiaoWen acquaintance.Both are learning Chinese, and all was born in intellectual family, has a unique family background and benefit from the family influence, and also have different general accomplishment, therefore, two people spent more than two years time, didn't have sex.On campus, two people often out on, close, some classmates envy, also have some of my classmates is said mockingly, outside to rent a house to live with forget it altogether.Things are not like the students imagination, green with XiaoWen since know and have entered in love, they talk about learning together, talking about the ideal, talk about love, also talked about the future family pattern, can say, all involving almost the size of the things in life are discussed.They together, hugging, kissing, caressing, and tend to last for a long time, but so far, they have yet to have sex.Green is about to graduate, with only a few month but XiaoWen even more than a year.Date in green on the eve of graduation, they more often, the time is longer.But green is busy looking for a job during the day, date were nearly all by night.In a weekend, green or run a whole day in the outside, in the evening, he is really a little bit tired.But he saw XiaoWen, fatigue suddenly disappeared, he took XiaoWen to a restaurant for dinner.The weather is a bit hot, after dinner they went to a park nearby, have a sit down on a piece of wooden photogenic.There are too many people in the park, walk, love affairs, from time to time someone passed beside them...Green XiaoWen asked: "do you remember the day we met? How do you know? There are a few years?"XiaoWen meditation for a while said: "we first met in 2001 during the National Day, as if on October 7, in the afternoon, at that time, we are all from the outside came back from vacation, met at the school gate.""That's true, you have a good memory. XiaoWen, you know at that time when I saw you in the mind is how think?""I don't know, when we are in the eye, which know what you want to any ideas?""When I first met you, the first sense told me, you are very sexy, think with you is the most happy, happy, so I see you a few eye, discovered by you."Green said laughing."When I saw your eyes, I knew you, I didn't guess wrong, and you were pestering me, become like this now.""So bad? We have to learn to investigate, love affairs, it is kill two birds with one stone really! For more than two years, I see from your body a lot of advantages, such as sensible, gentle virtuous, have a bright and cheerful disposition, has both the east women's traditional virtues, and open consciousness of western women."Say that finish, green held XiaoWen more tightly, and kiss her deeply.After the long kiss, he panting ground to say: "let's make love!"XiaoWen isn't surprising, saw his one eye, didn't be quiet.He didn't understand the meaning of her, thought she didn't say don't agree, feel very not the taste, then say it again: "we make love!"As a result of this he increased tone, in silent night seem a bit rough, passing from their side immediately stop, XiaoWen feel embarrassed, stood up, ruthlessly gave green a box on his ears: "why do you speak not only do?"Say that finish, and roared off.Experts readSexual edge refers to both men and women sexual attraction, but in the longer term and not to have sex.Relatively speaking, on the verge of sex between lovers are long, they are not don't want to happen this kind of relationship, but in fact they are not lack of any condition of sex, but both sides need to a process of mutual understanding, especially for women, it's her nature to passive, sexual demand, even if it is impossible to have any say in word.