News; 99% of people don't know about 6 new knowledge of orgasm

Published: Wednesday 12 August, 2015

Orgasm is the ultimate enjoy sex, so do help to reach orgasm during sex?Teach you a few little knowledge about below, to help you.Understand the orgasm, helps men and women at the end sex together to achieve happiness, enjoy sex.The following is the latest summarized about some knowledge of the climax.Condom does not affect the quality of orgasm.Researchers at indiana university, says Dr Nick, Debbie, class condom does not affect the climax, also can help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, reduce distractions and help men to extend the time of erection.Ultra thin condom can reduce the psychological barriers, help orgasm.A man can orgasm without ejaculation.Male orgasm and ejaculation usually appear together, but the pleasure is not generated sperm injection, the two are not the same thing.Therefore, men can experience orgasm without ejaculation.A lot of men age 40 times began to decrease after ejaculation, some old people don't ejaculation, but they can still enjoy the orgasm.Find the g-spot can promote orgasm.Italian researchers found that the existence of the g-spot, detected by ultrasound before it is in the vaginal wall on the vaginal opening 3.5 ~ 4 centimeters, about is half way between the vagina and cervix, find it can help women orgasm.The more older women orgasm.Age make female orgasm more easily.In more than 40 to 50 years old female, can obtain high proportion about 70%, far more than young women.This has to do with sex experience, long-term and close relationship established by the trust.Switch position helps to multiple orgasms.Sex in 1 ~ 2 times posture, help to gain more stimulus, help women have multiple orgasms, also can let men more pleasure.Relax to have an orgasm.Several studies have shown that women's sexual intercourse generally need 15 ~ 40 minutes to reach orgasm.On the contrary, male orgasm fastest need only 2 minutes.As a result, many women or fake orgasm during sex, either.However, the relaxation is an important factor of female orgasm.So, the man should be according to this characteristic, through touch and massage way to extend the time of foreplay, to help the woman try to relax, as far as possible to realize the orgasm at the same time.