News; How to judge he really love you or not ?

Published: Tuesday 11 August, 2015

If a boy cry for you, then this person must be very love you, this person is worth to cherish, because once miss, is probably miss a lifetime.Marriage is the most simple judgment methodMarriage for girls is the guarantee, is to rely on, it is for the boy, is compulsory.In human society, cannot achieve real equality between men and women, men in the social overall strength is inevitable, also can't be changed.A man, and you do what you can do, is not to your unmarried, he is shy?Absolutely not, he is afraid?By the way, but is not afraid to lose you, but afraid to lose the chance of happiness!Married although it is possible to pack two milks, can make an affair, but the total cost, or spending a price.Don't get married much good, can enjoy the power of the husband, but are not responsible for the obligations of the husband, if there is a new ideal, he will get out in time, "wave sleeves, not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away".All say marriage is the grave of love, for the sake of your happiness, dares to dig their own graves, since the set of the shackles of man, is married and also before marriage is as good a man for you, if it is not a man who loved you, that this world no one will love you for a long time.Jealous is the most intuitive responseLove is selfish and exclusive, it is absolutely not to be used to share.His girlfriend too dead, stare too strict, wary of heavy man, of course, is not good, but better than those who is don't care about everything better magnanimous man, only love a person, will want to be with her forever and ever, even every minute with her.Will not tolerate other men and he too close.Even if separated from her for a few hours, can have the feeling that the end of the world., of course, also have that kind of strict with others, tolerance to treat her man, he will be jealous, deep and jealousy, but not his love each other, but their own vanity, he CARES about is not each other's happiness, but his face is hurt.Such, holding a double standard, they can cheat, but can't tolerate each other signs of even out of the wall.He will cry in front of youIf you know a boy cry for you behind your back, it was going to bless you.If a boy cry for you in front of you, you should be in his arms.Such a person, just like the old in the hawthorn tree is worth to cherish, because once miss, are likely to be lifetime to miss.Not every guy is so good, also is not each kind man like you.Of course, such a man must only be willing to pay for you a person cry, at other times is quite strong and decisive.If like girls sentimentality, his shoulder also can't afford to carry your happiness.A kind of boy is precious, but only kindness is not enough.He completely things they can afford to buy a also don't want to, then carefully considerLove a person, even if not required to sacrifice her life for her, or at least for her lost masculinity, if even this spirit all have no, also have to pay for you not sad, at least if even do not sad, at least not hesitate.And when you go shopping, go to the expensive imported fruit stand, if you want to buy reveals the meaning, he should at least pick up the a to the check-out, the money will not make his bankruptcy, if you claim for half a day he also criticized you spend money, can only suspect the man what is true love.Of course, a man willing to spend money for you, doesn't mean he love you, miss officials kept, water for her as well.However, if a man is not willing to spend money for you, he must not love you, it is no doubt about it.Run into so of man, don't waste your time, don't under any illusions to him, and immediately pull into the blacklist finished.You can pay for youHe is willing to do anything for you, really love your man, I've always wanted to do something for you, no matter how it wanted him to pay costs, he would.He didn't do anything for you to request a return.A man love not love you, as long as the woman awake without being blinded by other things, she will feel.You say be?