News; Make a woman bound scratching sexual technique

Published: Thursday 07 August, 2014

In other people don't know or haven't experience the case, we developed is suitable for their own sexual technique was a very exciting thing too? In fact, during sex, our own sexual technique development can be seen everywhere.
Contrast the following, see if you are useful to these skills!
Every garment scratching
At the time of woman didn't take off clothes, in fact, we can attack has officially started. Maybe you are still in the hesitant and doubt. But after seen you are sure to stir.
One hand across the clothes scratching her nipples, another hand back and forth across the pants scratches her vagina. Less than a minute, I am sure your girlfriend is already heavy breathing.
Suggestion: this season has certain limitations, the best is not in the winter, the summer is most applicable when thin clothes.
Clever strip
If before making love the woman was to take off his shirt, might excite man this way, an erection. In regard to undress but men prefer or I take off your clothes for women. Take off while flirting, such foreplay who don't like it?
When strip, men don't follow normal way to take off. Such as her bra we can directly push up, pushing the chest above; Such as underwear, take off a leg, the other on one leg hanging in the above. This kind of feeling to occupy unceasingly...
Suggestion: had better choose elastic underwear, underwear pull like this is not easy to cause fracture and not much oppression to the body.
Gout wear set
Almost no one will think of is also a kind of sexual technique, but the fact is that everyone is ignoring sexual technique has brought a lot of people endless fun.
First of all, is not put, let a woman help you wear. At the time of her to help you wear, you appreciate and enjoy the feeling of get is put set could not understand. Followed by the women wear to the glans penis, you can let her mouth for a condom set down, until to the penis.
Suggestion: can choose like durex condoms ultrathin section of condoms, the ultra-thin condoms can bring each other more real feeling of sex.