News; Sexual desire or love? Look at his eyes where he looks to

Published: Tuesday 11 August, 2015

Watching research test showed that the main characters face tend to report their feeling of romantic love.When see the picture of the libido, the line of sight of the subjects are mainly on the human body.With beautiful appearance and good figure, no doubt, is the pride of a woman.Have you ever thought?Side of the man is looking for in your appearance, or in real like you this person?Stop looking in the face and body are differentA study published in the journal psychological science (PsychologicalScience) journal research pointed out that when people face the eyes of others, tend to express the love is a romantic;And if the eyes stay on the other side of the body, mostly conveys sexual desire.The study's lead author, Stephanie, head of the high-performance neuroimaging at the university of Chicago laboratory?John cacioppo (StephanieCacioppo) said the convey a special meaning leer will last less than half a second time.John cacioppo, said: "although we to fall in love at first sight, or fall in love before I know very little scientific principles, but these reactions model provides us with the first-hand data. It tells us that is in contact with a stranger, the attention of some spontaneous process, such as eye - how is different between the feelings of love and sexual desire."John cacioppo and colleagues published in the journal of sexual medicine in 2012 (JournalofSexualMedicine), according to a review on the feelings of love and sexual desire are activated brain areas are not the same.And the new study, researchers examined whether can through eye tracking data collected, distinguish the subjects felt is love or sex.The research includes two tests.In the first experiment, the researchers first 16 straight a student at the university of Geneva, Switzerland shows 120 black-and-white photographs.Every picture shows a young heterosexual couples interact with each other.In the second part of the experiment, the students need to watch the 40 with attractive members of the opposite sex - in the process of test, the researchers did not use any nude or pornographic images.The second experiment, male and female participants will see examples of the opposite sex photos.In the two tests, participants will have to quickly and accurately report after they see in the photos I feel is love, or a sexual desire.Associated with love and sexual desire, the researchers say, scanning occupied almost the same time, it incarnates the brain's ability to quickly deal with these two kinds of emotion.However, the analysis of eye tracking data show that those who mainly look at facial tend to report himself to feel romantic love.When see the picture of the libido, the line of sight of the subjects are mainly on the human body.The result is no different in the middle of the male and female participants.