News; What are the dangers of sex before the age of 20

Published: Monday 10 August, 2015

Relationship expert study found that the earlier sex of women, the greater the risk of developing cervical cancer, so the persons under the age of 20, before the girl must protect yourself, don't early to have sex with men.Modern medical research proof, the youth young girl (woman) under the age of 20 cervical cancer, a disease that has close relationship with sexual impurity, and found that the smaller the age sex life, the more the more sexual partners, sexual intercourse frequency, its incidence is higher.This is because:(1) the young girl of cervical tissue cells has not yet mature, tender, sensitive to the outside world and promoting cancer cancer substances, if your partner is a cancer cell is carried, it is easy to through sexual intercourse will grow in the girl is not yet ripe for cervical cancer tissue.(2) the sperm into the vagina to produce a sperm antibodies, the antibodies will make the 4 months or so can disappear.If the more sexual partners, sexual intercourse frequency, then, will produce a variety of antibodies (straight), in a short time into the woman's body, which interfere with the produce sperm antibody response, so easy to suffer from cervical cancer.(3) in recent years, the study found that cervical disease and type 2 herpes virus infections, such as sexual partners is the virus is carried, will pass time infection and cervical cancer.(4) male wrapping dirties in a variety of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, especially to the acuteness wet wart of human papilloma virus) under repeated too much too soon to stimulate young woman reproductive tract and the cervical epithelium, chronic cervicitis, eventually converted to cervical cancer.Data show: get married before the age of 20 women (sex), the incidence of cervical cancer was 1.58%, 21 women who marry later (sex), the incidence of cervical cancer dropped to 0.37%, both differ 4 times.Someone is observed as early as more than 140 years ago, the monastery's sister the incidence of cervical cancer is much lower than married women.This from another Angle shows the cervical cancer and sexual relations.Experts cautioned that too early sexual behavior and sexual partners, is the onset of cervical cancer in recent years women crowd appeared a trend of getting younger over the main culprit.Therefore, in order to health and defensive mess caused by the disease effectively And cervical cancer, the women not to prematurely sexual behavior, more can't relations with multiple sexual partners;After marriage also should moderate to have sex, and pay attention to sexual health, resolutely put an end to all the wedding physical behavior.