News; The most important reason for low sexual desire

Published: Friday 07 August, 2015

Sexual desire is that people are born with a kind of instinct, but there are a lot of people will appear the phenomenon of low sexual desire, what causes low sexual desire? See below.
The most important reason for low sexual desire
Social psychological factors are the most important reasons for low sexual desire, it includes many factors, such as: (1) the false beliefs and information: due to the formation and development of sexual desire and sexual psychology mature process, it is influenced by their parents. Women have little interest in sex, is likely to be subtly influenced by her mother. Unpleasant experiences make mother have misconceptions about sex, and this kind of misunderstanding is directly to the education of the daughter. Therefore, daughter in imperceptible in also negative attitudes about sex. However, this is the result of sexual attitudes and sexual psychological sex apathy as long as the necessary psychological counseling, can eliminate. Because since the childhood to accept such education there are many deep-rooted false beliefs and information, if it is thought that "man is not a good thing", "don't let a man bully you", "a good woman not interested in sex", "women can't offered, otherwise it is immorality", "husband and wife in life is to be the man active sexual intercourse, the woman passive cooperation", "sex is a shameless behavior", "sex is dirty, dirty," sexual activity will affect the person's life, causing people's weakened and so on. The woman will only sex as a wife's duties, rather than like eating is itself should have physical and psychological needs;
A middle-aged woman has been engaged in the work of family planning after listening to my lecture to me about her family, she gave birth to three daughters in a row, then the husband abandoned her daughter, so she always speak of man is not to his daughters, results in daughters heart planted the seeds of hate, hate men, two daughters now divorced by sex apathy, another is in the divorce, she asked if it was her education out of the question? Another young women talk about her feelings although after getting married, and her husband is very good, but don't have any passion during sex; And her parents are married to more than 20 years, has room for more than a decade, a nominal husband and wife, her mother often say to her "women are only tools of male human nature to vent, the woman nothing from sexual life", she suspected that his mother is sex apathy, and she has also been affected. Her problem is sex apathy can genetic? Some experience in life can damage the female sexual potential, such as the strong conflict between parents, however, sexual desire is that people are born with an instinct, has from infancy and it is influenced by genetic is very small, although there are individual differences, sexual desire may but this factor compared to the psychological and social impact of, is negligible.
(2) marital conflict: communication is not enough, especially sexual needs, feeling communication is not enough; The lack of common interests and trust; Bring the problem of conflict into sexual intercourse. Sex and sexual problems can exist alone, can also be causal, but as long as one of them, always in aggravating or complicate the problem. Psychological factors have a crucial impact on sexual desire, especially for women. If a woman feel partner concern, will appear libido. To expect too much of a spouse, found the real-life husband after marriage and their ideal mate before marriage is far, but don't want to face the reality, to adapt to the reality. The relationship tension or bad, the wife would refuse to have sex or canalize means, as a kind of revenge. If the woman in marriage, of course, do not pay attention to the right attitude towards sexual problems can also affect the husband's sexual desire, such as some women regard sex as a means of exchange or blackmail, if you don't give I buy fashion I won't let you have sex, if you do housework I won't let you have sex... , this is the world's most stupid way, over time, the man must kneel, all listen to her at the mercy of hard to maintain the relationship. Once man came to himself or hard really to unreasonable demands of his wife had to
give up sex, over time, the man will eventually lose interest in sex and have low sexual desire, appear even impotence, eventually lead to an affair, marriage, etc., the ultimate victims will be the woman herself.
(3) lifestyle: nervous and stressful working environment, working at his desk for a long time, poor family living conditions, lack of concealment and security conditions, husband and wife work time conflict, the separation. Seasons and temperature factors affect also nots allow to ignore.
(4) the psychological obstacle: the past and even had a childhood sexual trauma history, especially the unpleasant experience, rape, incest, sexual intercourse for the first time and experience, such as scratch interference can make the women in sex produces disgust; After failing in love or marriage thought being deceived, even form of male vengeful; Of puberty appear some changes in the form of the body do not understand, are afraid of being known or hear some irresponsible comments and inferiority complex; Posture change after having children, thought she lost to the opposite sex appeal, or moving too much attention to her husband to children, (and because of the baby sucking nipple sensation produced by meet the sexual desire), or because of the housework and trival loss of sexual passion. Some women have its pubic unclean feeling, afraid defiled the spouse. The patient's own psychological conflict often can reflect to the husband and wife sex life, such as the ability of the excessive anxiety or guilt for can not meet the requirement of the husband sex.
(5) the poor sexual technique: the same way, drab, lack of novelty sex life, make it become a dull routine, even arrange ahead of schedule, sex has not the highest form of emotional communication, lack of passion, lack of motivation, lack of fun, eventually lead to low sexual desire.
(6) age: people in adolescent sexuality is strongest. As the growth of the age sex drive will be waning, in old age, sexual function decline, libido decreased significantly.
(7) worry about pregnancy, curettage, sexually transmitted diseases can lead to pain, so as to avoid sexual contact. Sexual intercourse pain or discomfort to the fear of sex.