News; Common impotence caused by the following reasons

Published: Friday 07 August, 2015

Common impotence caused by the following reasonsThinking too muchThinking too much, make the heart HuoHao injury caused by kidney Yin impotence.Show the lumbar debility, insomnia, much dream, afraid of hot.Should choose call zi kidney drugs, cornus, radix paeoniae alba, mountain like aging.If blindly the kidney strong sun drugs, obviously counterproductive, make the illness.Editor: now, various kidney impotence drugs with media space, more kidney aphrodisiac on the pharmacy counter, a lot of the elderly.Experts believe that a man kidney should be discreet, kidney is a vital organ of the urinary system, and have no direct contact with the sexual strength.Overeating fat GanHou greasy, smoking drinking too muchOvereating fat GanHou greasy, caused by drinking too much smoking impotence, characterized by mouth bitter, upset, irritability, lumbago and perineal pain, urine yellow.Can only choose the courage of damp heat drugs, such as radix geutianae, radix scutellariae, cortex phellodendri.Mental stress or drug side effectsMental tension, or causes impotence, such as the side effects of certain drugs don't need to take any kidney drugs, when the tension eased, or stop using drugs, will not cure impotence self-healing.