News; How old to start sex education for children

Published: Friday 07 August, 2015

Sex education expert Sanderijn through and the Netherlands have a conversation, the sexual education has some new understanding and thinking, and share it with you on this, PLS!Must emphasize sexual education is physical, psychological, values, life skills, attitudes, decision ability, social culture and so on comprehensive education, not just sex educationChildren's healthy growth in addition to learn scientific and cultural knowledge of education content from almost in the category of sex education.These is to ensure that the child is very good to use their own mind to adapt to the basis of social transformation, when But must start training at an early age.As the saying goes "three years old, the age of seven look old", that is the reason why speak, after the children grow up to 12 years old, for their influence will be significantly reduced, because they have formed a set of own way of thinking and behavior.You can see, our ancestors have realised that a person's mental health, values, life skills, decision-making ability, etc., to a person plays a decisive role in the development of life, not to mention We are the people of modern society, it must be not clear.Just because of the adult brain that sex education is refers to the narrow sense of sex education, so think speak in front of the children is unthinkable, was a sexual solicitation even sexual harassment.Therefore, to let the parents, teachers, principals, education department approved the sex education of children, the first problem is to let them know that our sexual education is contain what content, what we should do, what shall we do, as long as they give us a chance to, listen to us, and to participate in our class, understand will support us.Because they know this is too important for a child, and they do not have the correct methods should be a variety of children's "strange phenomenon", such as: the children like to touch their own reproductive organs;Parents like to watch naked;Like touch mom's breast and so on.All the confusion in our sex education for children to find the answer, benefits not only the children, and parents to reassure.Children's sexual curiosity and exploring determines the education they needSex with our life, from birth to death, people's need for sex has been there, just form and different levels.Children discover touch once their reproductive organs of sense is very wonderful very comfortable, they will continue to such behavior.From the perspective of children, they do right, they are exploring their own bodies, enjoy your body.As parents, we need to do is solution, respect their such behavior, and told them to social norms, let them not only to have a positive sense, also can better adapt to society, respect for others.Sex education is, therefore, have to do homework, because children into long there must be such a phenomenon, when they explore their body will put forward a lot of problems, they have the right to get the right answer.Parents and teachers have an obligation to do: must answer children's questions;Must be as the correct answer to the child;Tell children with simple brief language;Express in the child's way of thinking to understand children and to their children.
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